20 eight design
"20 eight is a multifaceted design studio cultivated in the fields of architecture, industrial design and product design
Design principles in the studio is an illicit relationship of fundamental thoughts driven by a collaborative force of functionalism, idealism and passion.
As an architect duo our core prerogative is to manipulate the norm into the impossible.
aaart has been manufacturing lights, furniture & beaded accessories for South African and international lodges, decorators, retailers and private homes for 10 years. Everything is custom made from the catalogue or we make to a client's design.
African Artwork
Elegant and original African photographic artwork for your home, hotel, lodge or office. Made in South Africa. Delivery worldwide.
Andrea Brand
Andrea Brand is a Cape Town based artist/designer who transfers her unique interpretations of the world around her onto various interior and fashion surfaces. Her latest range, called Light Matrix, reflects the duality of the world we currently live in – with the narrow edges between the opposite dimensions subtly dissolving into colour. She describes it as ‘the transitioning from the old to the new’.
Architecture for a Change (PTY) LTD
We’re a design-build studio with a social conscience. We practise from a factory; a workshop where conceptual design becomes reality. With 50% of the company consisting of prototyping, we can test quality and develop conceptual designs. As young architects, we think outside the box. We push the boundaries of conventional ideas to develop fresh unique designs. We offer architectural & interior design and prototyping services. We specialize in acoustic studio design, low cost and mobile architecture.
Ashlee Ainsley Lloyd
The Founder/Owner of Ashlee Ainsley Lloyd is a young female Industrial Designer currently in her twenties based in Cape Town, South Africa. Simultaneously inspired by the rich culture of craft in Southern Africa and the complex forms found in nature, the aim is to create functional pieces that engage ones emotions and senses. Each piece is delicately handcrafted with patience and attention to detail. The body of work shown is underlined by a blend of craft and industry gained through an understanding of the technological and tactile aspects of the design process. The approach is at once artistic, tangible, functional and unique.
Brak Furniture
Brak Furniture is a South African based father and son team, that designs and manufactures their own mid-century and retro inspired work.

Consious by Nature – Clinton Friedman started making images in 1997 as a visual arts student in the port city of Durban, South Africa. In 2003 he started a photographic journey that would culminate in his monograph Subtraction (2007).
The unique Créma Design collection showcases the world’s best indoor and outdoor luxury furniture, feature lighting, hand made carpets, office furniture and a broad range of accessories.
David Krynauw
Bespoke design and manufacturing company based in Johannesburg. Set apart by original, simple designs, executed with an uncompromising attention to detail.