Damn Good Looking
Damn Good Looking is product and pattern design business that is currently focused on a range of clean and considered mirrors and limited run hand-printed products.
David Krynauw
Bespoke design and manufacturing company based in Johannesburg. Set apart by original, simple designs, executed with an uncompromising attention to detail.
C36 & C38
Decofunk Design is a creation and fabrication company. The designs are sophisticated, modern and funky. The products include chairs, lights, tables, bookshelves and more. All of which are versatile to any setting requiring a look with a modern twist.
Founder and creator Riaan Frobus is a South-African designer with a steel and timber background. His products are AutoCad designed, machine cut and assembled or hand fabricated.
Design Four Technologies (Pty) Ltd
D4 is a brand of Design Four Technologies (Pty) Ltd, a level 3 BEE company which was established in 2010. D4 leads the industry with approval by the South African National Regulator of Compulsary Standards (NRCS).
D4 Specializes in customized electrical furniture, bringing electrical power and data services to your desktop.
Design Team
Design Team creates feel-good printed fabrics, inspired by nature and every-day life on the African continent. Cotton and linen base cloths are custom dyed to a unique colour palette and printing is done by hand using flat bed screen printing techniques. We also offer a seasonal range of made-up homeware products and accessories.
Detail'24 was founded on the 24th April 2010 with the aim to bring different details to the South African consumer.Our motto is "Make Every Detail Count." We are a design house that believes that every detail in interior should count. We are a design house driven by details, intuition and curiosity.
dismoi Calabash Lights
dismoi Calabash Lights creates hanging or standing lamps made from organically and locally grown calabashes. Every dismoi calabash light is utterly unique, and each follows a journey of its own. From the farm in the Karoo where mother nature and the Nama women devotedly grow are take care of them, to the studio where they are lovingly made into beacons of the African heritage. Each piece is different, an artwork, a treasure grown from the African soil.

Our family run business offers a great deal of flexibility and customized design. We are constantly launching new products and designs using imported and locally produced componentry to find niche market appeal.
From small orders to large corporate projects, we are Flexible and Responsive.

"We're not happy until you're entirely satisfied"
"The Ditto Team"
Dokter and Misses
Dokter and Misses is a multidisciplinary design company known for producing furniture, lighting and a diverse range of products with a boldly upbeat energy. Founded in late 2007, the studio's aesthetic is fundamentally tied to the chaotic city that is Johannesburg; creating clean modern beauty out of its dysfunction and regeneration.
Dragontree – shoot | print | frame
Dragontree is a photographic and framing studio in the heart of the Rosebank art district. Our ready to go image collection is a quick way to select themes that suit your space. A mobile studio allows us to come to you for any photography requirements.