Natascha van Niekerk Fine Art Photography
Fine Art Photography applied to create custom photographic wallpapers, botanical decor prints, printed fabric range and the 'Forest in my Heart' jewellery collection. Inspired by Nature.
Neil Grantham Studio
"Neil Grantham Studio is a furniture design and manufacturing company based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Being authentic is our inspiration: Finding the true nature and honesty of things.
We believe that from sincerity arises integrity in structure and expression. Exploring the way in which materials meet each other, or how a certain colour makes us feel, or how easily we relate to an object's inherent personality is an investigation that establishes our work. Our core belief that it is the through the synthesis of all these insights that we begin to better see ourselves through the objects that we relate to.
Ngwenya Glass Swaziland
For 30 years, Ngwenya Glass in Swaziland, has been recycling bottles and transforming the molten glass into ornaments, lighting and tableware using age old traditional, and new, glass blowing techniques. Working together with internationally acclaimed artists and designers to create uniquely functional glassware.
Notation Design
Notation is a partnership born from the love of bespoke custom-built furniture, décor items and the design of exquisite interior spaces. We design, and create striking and unique pieces from scratch and we also complete entire interior spaces.
NT design studio
NT design studio is a product design firm run by two architects. Our bespoke, fully handmade and hand-stitched leather products marry contemporary, functionalist design with rich, robust materials and hand-crafting techniques.