T&Co Fabrics
"Fabric connoisseur and owner of T&Co Fabrics, Tanya Sturgeon has a wealth of experience in the industry. Tanya is well known from the very successful Silk & Cotton Co. which she founded in 2008 and ran for sixteen years.

T&Co’s stylish showroom is based in the design hub of Kramerville, Sandton and is run by Tanya and daughter Chloe, who also shares a passion for fabric.
The showroom is filled with vibrant colour, design and décor pieces. Clients are always welcome to pop in for a cup of coffee were they will get expert advice on how to make the perfect space in an office or home with the use of the right fabric. Exclusive importers of the world renowned Jim Thompson fabrics, who are recognized for exquisite hand woven silks, prints, outdoor fabrics and wallpaper.

T&Co also represent other international collections including Ian Sanderson, Pedroso & Osorio, Guell Lamadrid, Les Creations, Thevenon, Vano and Evo as well as local collections from Lula fabrics, Room Thirteen, Philip Pikus & Mitchell and Santos."
The Coote and Wench Design Company
Our passion is sourcing and repurposing vintage and upcycled items into functional and creative decorating pieces. Our work is mostly translated into lighting and we have an incredible range of "one off" unique and individual floor, table and wall lights, which, given their origins and history, have a story and character all of their own. We breath new life into the old and forgotten by creating illuminating art.
The Duck Egg Company
The Duck Egg Company is an interior retail company, stocking functional yet stylish products. Their products has an organic, handmade and specialised feel and caters for both the retail and wholesale markets.
The Fire Room CC. trading as aLoveSupreme
aLoveSupreme is an imaginative range of stationery, apparel and interior decor products centred around hand-drawn illustrations and playful design elements. Distinctive with a sense of whimsy and a dash of gumption, aLoveSupreme creates designs that appeal to the imagination of the eyes. Exceptional design and a hint of humour are the hub of this brand. The language of aLoveSupreme’s designs are fresh, bold and stylised with an appealing graphic simplicity that translates effortlessly across an ever-expanding product range.
The Ninevites
The Ninevites is a social enterprise and collaborative platform to explore under-told narratives of life from Southern Africa using textiles, design and imagery

It is a celebration of black aesthetics

We design textiles, curate events and keep pushing to tell our
stories in ways that reflect their vast beauty and invention
The Silk and Cotton Co.
"The Silk and Cotton Co. specializes in fabulous fabrics for the décor and design industry.

We absolutely love printed designs, sourcing and printig as much as possible locally. Our collections include gorgeous linens, textures, weaves, silks and cottons in various colours and designs.

We also represent some amazing imported wall paper and fabric companies from all over the world. Each range is carefully selected with special attention to design and colour so that new collections build on the colours and nuances of our existing ranges in order to create a complete, easy to use compendium of beautiful fabrics.

The concept behind the Silk and Cotton Co. range is elegant affordability."
Inspired by ethnic patterns and motifs globally, we constantly explore how graphic cultural signifiers can be applied and reinterpreted to inspire new and modern product designs that are relatable and relevant to the urban modern citizen.
Tintsaba was founded by Sheila Freemantle in 1985, her focus was on how she could help the women of rural Swaziland take charge of their lives and become independent. Starting with only 12 local women, Sheila's guidance, dedication and innovativeness brought Tintsaba to what it is today. These qualities ushered Tintsaba in to become renown for refined, high quality sisal basketry weaving, and has been recognised as an industry leader and awarded repeatedly over the year