aaart has been manufacturing lights, furniture & beaded accessories for South African and international lodges, decorators, retailers and private homes for 10 years. Everything is custom made from the catalogue or we make to a client’s design.

Ashlee Ainsley Lloyd
The Founder/Owner of Ashlee Ainsley Lloyd is a young female Industrial Designer currently in her twenties based in Cape Town, South Africa. Simultaneously inspired by the rich culture of craft in Southern Africa and the complex forms found in nature, the aim is to create functional pieces that engage ones emotions and senses. Each piece is delicately handcrafted with patience and attention to detail. The body of work shown is underlined by a blend of craft and industry gained through an understanding of the technological and tactile aspects of the design process. The approach is at once artistic, tangible, functional and unique.

dismoi Calabash Lights
dismoi Calabash Lights creates hanging or standing lamps made from organically and locally grown calabashes. Every dismoi calabash light is utterly unique, and each follows a journey of its own. From the farm in the Karoo where mother nature and the Nama women devotedly grow are take care of them, to the studio where they are lovingly made into beacons of the African heritage. Each piece is different, an artwork, a treasure grown from the African soil.

Hoi P’loy
Hoi P’loy creates a unique line of vintage revival lighting products. We offer retro inspired lighting products that appeal to a contemporary decor aesthetic. We’re passionate about bringing back the quality design aesthetics that were once evident in everyday objects. Based in Woodstock, the small studio works with various skilled artisans to offer a new take on lighting inspired from the past.

Mema Designs
We are a design studio specialising in woven aluminium mesh fabric – a material uniquely developed by our company. We create fine quality handmade lighting works, as well as large scale sculptural installations. We combine our fine art and engineering expertise to the various projects we implement. Spanning small to large scale, we have produced for luxury residential clients, as well as hotels and commercial public spaces.

Stephen Pikus Lighting Design
Creating with a conscience! We locally (and lovingly) manufacture decorative light fixtures, for both commercial and residential applications. We predominately use recycled or re-purposed materials and put it all together utilizing various community empowerment initiatives.

The Coote and Wench Design Company
Our passion is sourcing and repurposing vintage and upcycled items into functional and creative decorating pieces. Our work is mostly translated into lighting and we have an incredible range of “one off” unique and individual floor, table and wall lights, which, given their origins and history, have a story and character all of their own. We breath new life into the old and forgotten by creating illuminating art.

Xavier Clarisse Design
Born in Lyon, France I spent my young life cultivating a passion for sculpture and studied mechanical theory and technical drawing. I was admitted to the “l’ecole nationale des beaux art” of Saint Etienne where I specialised in sculpture and product design.

Since I have travelled extensively and worked as a freelance designer in Berlin and London collaborating with other artists on projects ranging from design to sculpture and video.

Today I live in Durban with my wife Suzanne and daughter Stella and we have opened the company Xavier Clarisse Design.

The aim of our company is to design and manufacture our own range of lighting as well as bespoke furniture, installations and sculpture. Our philosophy is to produce pieces that are both original and timeless, both forward looking and drawing on past traditions. We do not compromise on the quality of materials used as our objective is to produce designs that survive fashion and time.