Surface & Materials

Let your hair down with aLoveSupreme, the brand that is playful, punchy and personal.
With a fondness for the fanciful and a passion for the playful, aLoveSupreme is the quirky collection of stationery and homeware that leaves a smile on your face. aLoveSupreme stands out from the crowd with their fresh design details and an ingenious flair for all things imaginative.

Andrea Brand
Andrea Brand is a Cape Town based artist/designer who transfers her unique interpretations of the world around her onto various interior and fashion surfaces. Her latest range, called Light Matrix, reflects the duality of the world we currently live in – with the narrow edges between the opposite dimensions subtly dissolving into colour. She describes it as ‘the transitioning from the old to the new’.

Architecture for a Change (PTY) LTD
We’re a design-build studio with a social conscience. We practise from a factory; a workshop where conceptual design becomes reality. With 50% of the company consisting of prototyping, we can test quality and develop conceptual designs. As young architects, we think outside the box. We push the boundaries of conventional ideas to develop fresh unique designs. We offer architectural & interior design and prototyping services. We specialize in acoustic studio design, low cost and mobile architecture.

Studio handmade textiles

Caesarstone is the original quartz surface manufacturing company, & also the name of our luxury engineered quartz surface product. Since 1987 we’ve been creating quartz surfaces which are not only beautiful to look at, but also exceptionally durable. Whether you’re a professional designer or simply looking to create exquisite home interiors, our surfaces can be the starting point for your design and renovation ideas. Quartz is one of nature’s strongest minerals. Resistant to stains, scratches and cracks, quartz is impervious to heat and cold and to common household chemicals and makes for a beautiful, highly durable surface. Our quartz surfaces retain the cool, tactile qualities of natural stone while offering design freedom with almost unlimited application possibilities. Caesarstone surfaces are made of up to 93% quartz and are designed with longevity in mind.

Carole Nevin Designs
I started painting textiles from my garage in 1993, it is hard to believe that so many years have passed and we have indeed grown from strength to strength! It all started with a desire to earn a good living doing something creative and contributing to poverty alleviation in South Africa.

Design Team
Design Team creates feel-good printed fabrics, inspired by nature and every-day life on the African continent. Cotton and linen base cloths are custom dyed to a unique colour palette and printing is done by hand using flat bed screen printing techniques. We also offer a seasonal range of made-up homeware products and accessories.

Dreamweaver Studios is a boutique distributor of wallcoverings and fabrics focused on innovative product, great quality and personalized service.

Ergoform pride themselves as ‘local’ South African designers and manufacturers of premium-quality office furniture.
“We pride ourselves in creating office environments which complement the way that modern professionals work, we are constantly innovating and creating pieces which aid work and adapt to the way that people work; we design and manufacture our own products and this means we are able to swiftly develop new product ranges in response to market trends and requirements.” says Leon Roodt, Owner and Creative Director of Ergoform.

Ergosystem Flexible Walling Solutions
We are a specialist company offering flexible walling solutions to the architecture and design market, to specifiers, Quantity Surveyors and Developers. We offer a range of demountable partitioning systems ideal for the commercial market, but we also offer decorative finishes ideal for any market. We are happy to announce our new range of acoustic panels.