Join us at Future Talks - The objective of the program is to create a set of networking opportunities and a toolkit for action. Amongst other topics, we will cover circularity, the business of design, material futures, NFTs, architectural innovation and creativity in general.

The curated line-up will sort the signal from the noise in order to accelerate positive change.

Date: 3rd - 6th August 2023

Time: 11:00 - 16:00 daily

Location: Future Talks Theatre E21, 100% Design Africa/Design Joburg Hall Level 2, Decorex Joburg

Talks schedule is subject to change

Day 1: Thursday 03 August 2023

11:00     Bielle Bellingham + Steve Smith

11:15     Dr. Emmanuel Nkambule & TC Maila

12:00     Steve Smith  + Dirk Coetser + George Qua-Enoo +  Wandile Xaba

13:00     Thabo Kopele + Moeko Selebalo + Wanda Lephoto + Owen Mokoena, Siyababa + Luke Radloff

14:00     Khensani Jurczok-de Klerk + Tshego Mako + Tapiwa Manase + Aude Tollo

15:00     Stephen Wilson + Marcia Nangy + Dion Chang + Marc Oliver + Maye Srouji

Day 2: Friday 04 August  2023

11:00     Steve Tanchel and Kokona Ribane

12:00     Dr Sechaba Maape

13:00    Steve Smith + Phillip Hollander + Nikhil Tricam & Nindya Bucktowar + Andrea Kleinloog + Keneilwe Mothoa

14:00     Ramielle De Jager

15:00     Hardy McQueen

Day 3: Saturday 05 August  2023

11:00    Robyn Phillips and Jabulani Sibiya

12:00     Studio H

13:00    Daniel Sher + Kgabo Mametja (Saint Rose)  + Seth Pimentel (African Ginger)

14:00    Luke Pedersen


Day 4: Sunday 06 August  2023

11:00    Stephen Steyn

12:00    Marié Snyman + Jason Kearney

13:00    Eben Keun

14:00    Naadira Patel

Day 1: Thursday 03 August 2023


Opening Keynote

Introduction to Future Talks program


The past is the laboratory of the future

Indigenous architecture in South Africa

Dr. Emmanuel Nkambule, a senior lecturer in the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), is an accomplished academic with extensive expertise in Architecture. He holds a Master of Architecture (Professional) with distinction from 2008 and earned his doctorate in Architecture from the University of Pretoria in 2016. His impressive career revolves around teaching, research, and impactful contributions to the field of Architecture, showcasing his commitment to sustainable and culturally relevant design practices.

Dr. Nkambule's research interests center around auto-ethnography and visual research to develop sustainable and scalable interventions that address socio-economic challenges in Africa. His contributions have garnered recognition both locally and internationally. Dr. Nkambule is dedicated to advancing design-led research work and serves on the Creative Outputs Design Panel for the SA Department of Higher Education and Training. He also co-founded the Archiving of Design & Architecture (ADA) at TUT, preserving valuable design history and contributing to the African and South African design identity.

TC Maila is a South African born travel photographer. He was born in a small village of gaMaila in Limpopo (South Africa). His interest in photography began when he started analysing body language and behaviour in people. Just like most photographers, as a beginner he would capture everything till his interest in rural life imaged. He started revisiting such places once again and investing more resources and time in such adventures. Ever since he noticed that people remember things and events based on how deep their emotions are involved and engaged, he then saw an opportunity to use photography as a tool for story telling and for sharing information.

It was only 15 years ago that I picked up a camera which would serve as a great tool to narrate the true narrative of my early childhood. I could then show the harmony, the peace, the freedom, the landscapes and the unity that exists in the village. 

The time had come to let the Pictures tell the Story.

In conversation with Dr Natalie Raphil of Robots Can Think, Dirk Coetser of A4AC Architects, George Qua-Enoo, photographer, Wandile Xaba


The Impact of AI On Design

We talk to an architect, digital illustrator, and photographer on how and why they have started incorporating AI into their work processes. Plus an AI expert gives her perspective on the the benefits and challenges the tech poses, and where it is heading.

Steve Smith: Editor-in-Chief of VISI

Editor, writer and author, Steve is an experienced journalist and media industry expert, having headed up brands from Sports Illustrated, to Red Bull, Sawubona, and for the last four years, VISI.

Dr Natalie Raphil Forbes Africa's Top 100 Innovators & Inventors, Women in AI SA Ambassador, International Key Note Speaker, Inventor, Innovator and SA's Financial Sector's only black female innovator for 4 consecutive years ...Her work ameliorates communities and industries.

Dirk Coetser, co-founder and director of A4AC Architects, is an award-winning architect known for his unique designs and commitment to sustainability. He has been recognised with prestigious awards such as the SAIA AfriSam sustainability awards and placed 15% globally in design competitions. Dirk's innovative approach includes exploring 3D printing and AI as design tools. From small dwellings to office buildings, his projects showcase a distinctive aesthetic. Additionally, Dirk has made a significant impact by designing and implementing informal housing dwellings in townships, prioritising social responsibility. His visionary work continues to inspire and shape the architectural landscape.

George Qua-Enoo, is an esteemed photographer from Johannesburg, who captures the diverse essence of humanity. With 15 years of experience, his portraits bridge the tangible and intangible aspects of life, leaving a profound impact. Recognized internationally, his work has been showcased at prestigious exhibitions in Canada. A self-taught artist with a rich heritage in photography, George shares his knowledge through teaching and workshops, inspiring aspiring photographers. His dedication to portraying human existence makes him an exceptional artist, creating visual narratives that foster unity and connection.

Wandile Xaba, Meet Wandile Xaba is an award-winning commercial director, filmmaker, digital artist, and self-professed dork. With a magical touch, she captivates audiences through her diverse range of artistic skills. Wandile embraces her 90s upbringing while creating visions on the big screen. A graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand with a BA in Film and Television, she has collaborated with numerous popular brands and recently earned a Bronze Loerie for her direction of a Rent-a-store campaign.


The Future of Design

Where are we headed in design as a continent?

Embracing minimalism, Thabo believes in creating designs that endure, telling stories for future generations seeking inspiration from the present. During his studies at the London International School Of Fashion, he founded his brand and gained recognition through features in publications like Faculty Press and Between 10 & 5. In 2020, Thabo's talent was noticed by South African Fashion Week, where he participated in their inaugural menswear competition, elevating his visibility globally, with virtual fashion shows showcased in New York and Milan. The following year, he collaborated with telecoms giant Oppo on a collection and fashion film, "Lifestyle Studies," delving into the facets influencing style in South Africa, especially Joburg. The film received accolades at three international film festivals in Milan, London, and California during the first half of 2023. Thabo was one of only eight young designers selected from Africa for a mentorship program with WGSN, a major trend forecasting company based in London.

Moeko Selebalo's artistic praxis revolves around creating sensory-driven experiences that captivate the senses. He uses Moekolive as a catalyst to share, innovate, and pioneer the contemporary South African creative landscape. He uses Moekolive brings his artistic visions to life.

As a graphic designer, Moeko's has an impressive portfolio, having worked on projects for renowned institutions and organizations such as the Hyundai Tate Research Center, Nelson Mandela Foundation, National Research Foundation, and Sotheby's. This experience likely contributes to his approach of using design as a creative communication methodology, allowing him to convey powerful messages through visual elements.

Beyond his work as a graphic designer, Moeko also engages in curation, where he curates culturally rich expositions based on research and collaboration. This aspect of his practice indicates a deeper involvement in the art and cultural scene, fostering connections and dialogues within the creative community.

As a visual artist, Moeko has participated in group exhibitions at various galleries and spaces, including Kalashnikovv Gallery, Constitution Hill, 44 Stanley, Agog Gallery, and Fete De la Musique. This demonstrates his active presence and recognition within the local art scene in South Africa.

Additionally, Moeko has garnered recognition beyond the local scene, as evidenced by being featured as part of the Design Indaba Emerging Creatives Class of 2022. This showcases his emerging talent and potential to make a significant impact on the global creative stage. Furthermore, his work was showcased on Dazed Magazine's Dazed Club, a platform that brings attention to emerging artists and creatives.

Moeko's diverse range of experiences and accomplishments as a graphic designer and visual artist, combined with his passion for sensory-driven art and cultural collaboration, showcases his dedication to pushing boundaries and creating immersive and meaningful artistic experiences.

Luke Radloff of UNI FORM combines the contemporary with the familiar, drawing references from his location, Johannesburg, South Africa and translating that into ultra contemporary silhouettes.

Owen Mokoena With a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design from Lisof and extensive experience as a leather craftsman, Owen Mason is a talented young designer with a unique vision. Born in South Africa , he has worked on products for some of the biggest names in the South African fashion industry, this includes Thebe Magugu, Rich Mnisi, Studio Sterling, and Viviers Studio. Now, at 24, Owen is focused on building his own luxury fashion house that  juxtaposes militarism with Christianity, focusing primarily on both menswear and womenswear. With his passion for fashion design and commitment to exploring traditional means of production, Owen is poised to make a major impact in the industry.

Siyababa is a provocative young multi-disciplinary artist hailing from the coast of KwaZulu Natal. His the founder and director of Siyababa Atelier is a conceptual fashion brand that pioneers in a new African avant-garde by marrying the two ideas of art and fashion. 

Wanda Lephoto is a Johannesburg, South Africa based Ready To Wear Menswear brand that redefines luxury dress using the plurality of culture, tradition, identity and history through story telling as a way to create new worlds of beauty in fashion. 

Founded on critical research that focuses on cultural fusion, collaboration, spirituality, inclusivity and tailoring, Wanda Lephoto aims to fuse two or more worlds to create a space that is free and allows people to negotiate the boundaries of their own representation and identity through style and culture.

Concerned with identities of otherwise under-represented people and groups, the African spirit being of core inspiration for contemporary stories told through Wanda Lephoto.

Tailoring forms the foundation from which most of the collections are built. The idea of how the past through craftsmanship can be interpreted into new modern ways to create bigger conversations where collectively as people we  can go to figure out solutions for our shared lived experiences and futures.

Wanda Lephoto is here to tell a story."


From Imaginary to Image

From Imaginary to Image: sharing the process of using architectural and artistic expression as a form of making research accessible to public audiences. This is an approach to thinking differently about spatial education.

Khensani Jurczok-de Klerk is an architectural researcher, designer and performer. She is the founder of Matri-Archi(tecture) and will be starting a PhD at the gta Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture, ETH, Zürich. She was educated at the University of Cambridge UK and UCT.

Tshego Mako is an interior and architectural designer. She is the founder of interior studio Makography as well as Makorder which focuses on providing objects for essential living. She was educated Politecnico di Milano and UCT.

Tapiwa Manase is an architect and artist. She is the founder of Woolaholic Lifestyle. She was educated at the University of Liechtenstein, IAAC Spain, NMMU South Africa) and The Design School Southern Africa.

Aude Tollo is an architectural designer and researcher. She is currently completing her Part 2 in architecture at the Architectural Association. She is part of PATCH, a collective founded by the 2020-2021 cohort of the new architecture writers based in London.


The Future of the African Creative Economy 

In conversation with Marcia Nangy, Dion Chang, Marc Oliver & Maye Srouji


Stephen Wilson- Always Welcome CEO

Stephen Wilson has been in the furniture design and manufacturing industry for 25 years, in 2017 he co-founded the celebrated South African furniture design brand Houtlander. In 2021 he co-founded the South African designer collective Always Welcome of which he is now the CEO.

Márcia Aly Nangy is an accomplished artist and designer. Starting with handcrafted fibre products, she founded her brand DATHONGA in her hometown of Tofo Beach in Mozambique. Márcia has gained recognition nationally and internationally, showcasing her work in countries like South Africa, the United States, Denmark, Spain, and Germany. She has launched culturally significant collections, drawing inspiration from traditional Mozambican techniques. Marcia's dedication extends to training artisans and creating products for the community.

Dion Chang is a strategic thinker, keynote speaker, and respected trend analyst. As founder of Flux Trends, he uncovers unexpected business opportunities in shifting trends and disruptive technologies. Dion helps companies embrace change and fosters innovation. With expertise in media and communication, he understands the evolving relationship between brands and consumers. Dion challenges conventions, asks tough questions, and inspires positive solutions.

Ana Alecia Lyman / Associação KHETHU A native of California and a resident of Mozambique since 2005, Ana Alecia co-founded the KHETHU Association in 2021 to support the development of natural product value chains, focusing on craft and décor products ethically and sustainably produced by rural communities in Mozambique. A graphic designer and a specialist in non-timber forest products, Ana has worked with communities and artisans for over 10 years. Her work with KHETHU builds on her experience as founder of the natural skincare company BIO OLEOS DE MIOMBO (BOM) in 2013 – an enterprise also built on a vision of engaging rural communities in the transformation of forest resources and elevating the standard for luxury skincare by combining wild harvested ingredients and skilled craftsmanship. 

Ana’s work in driving the development of natural product value chains has included consulting on various project with entities such as the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development, the World Bank and the WWF. She was awarded a Ford Foundation grant to support her work at the intersection of environmental conservation and community-level market drivers. She has served on the board of PhytoTrade Africa, the Southern Africa Natural Product Trade Association, and is also a founding board member of Alliance Earth, a non-profit scientific and environmental reporting organization also driving new initiatives around responsible resource use and innovative circular economies.

KHETHU operates on the principle that the natural resources of Mozambique should be conserved and celebrated through the development of ethical value chains within the country to create local wealth and maximize the value of limited resources. Product lines showcase an authentic engagement with skilled Mozambican crafts people, offering products that reflect both the rich resources of Mozambican forests as well as traditional traditions of art and craft.

Day 2: Friday 04 August  2023


Artificial African Narratives

Our future talk aims to foster a deeper appreciation for the fusion of AI and the African narrative in digital fine art. By recognizing and celebrating the contributions of African artists in this field, we will explore ways to collectively embrace the power of technology in order to amplify marginalized voices, reshape artistic representation, and pave the way for a more inclusive future.

Steve Tanchel is the CEO of USURPA Gallery.

Coming from a background in fine arts, Steve has an affinity towards image making, in all its forms, ranging from the purely aesthetic to carefully crafted conceptual storytelling.

He has worked as a photographer and commercials director based in South Africa for the past two decades and has recently re-entered the world of Fine Arts. He views his output as bold, personality driven and fundamentally cool. He has picked up many accolades in his commercial career at most of the major festivals including Cannes, D&AD, New York Advertising Festival, Andy Awards.

With his leap into the future forward world of Digital Fine Arts he has a single minded vision of helping create a particular brand of African Optimism under the USURPA brand.

Kokona Ribane is a Johannesburg-born multidisciplinary artist and co-founder of Dear Ribane. Together with the creative collective, they explore new narratives and create innovative experiences. Dear Ribane collaborates with global brands and media platforms, performing at art fairs and music events worldwide. Kokona's work has been globally recognised, including a nomination for Design Indaba's "Most Beautiful Object in South Africa." A curator and entrepreneur, she continues to shape the African art narrative.


African Vitality in Design

Indigenous knowledge in architecture and design.

Dr. Sechaba Maape is an architect, director of Afreetekture design practice, and senior lecturer at Wits School of Architecture and Planning. With a PhD in architecture, his research delves into people/place relationships, ritual, and climate change adaptation among indigenous communities in Kuruman, Northern Cape Province. Dr. Maape's academic pursuits focus on integrating Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) into teaching and research. He introduced archaeological material and 3D scanning techniques in the History and Theory of Architecture 1 course, earning recognition with the 2018 Vice Chancellors' Team Teaching Award. His work extends to collaborating with archaeologists on the representation and management of ancient archaeological sites, promoting a decolonized pedagogy in architecture.

In conversation with Phillip Hollander of Houtlander, Nikhil Tricam & Nindya Bucktowar of Kalki Ceramics, Andrea Kleinloog of Anatomy Design, Keneilwe Mothoa of Neimil.


“Designing: A Business”

As creatives, making cool stuff is the easy bit … the hard bit – and the thing we’re rarely taught in our studies – is how to turn that into a sustainable and successful business.

As business owners at different stages of your business journey, you have valuable insights to share on how you have progressed to where your brand is now… what has and hasn’t worked … what mistakes you have made that you learned from … what you should do, and what you should definitely not do!


Steve Smith: Editor-in-Chief of VISI

Editor, writer and author, Steve is an experienced journalist and media industry expert, having headed up brands from Sports Illustrated, to Red Bull, Sawubona, and for the last four years, VISI.

Studio Kalki incorporates the organic qualities of handmade and handglazed ceramics, with the industrial finesse of fine steelwork.
Founded by architects Nikhil Tricam and Nindya Bucktowar, and incorporating their iconic Kalki Ceramics tiles and glazes, the studio brings individuality to your home through merging contemporary design with timeless craft.

Nindya Bucktowar, a talented architect and ceramic artist from Mauritius, graduated from Nelson Mandela University in 2013. She runs her own successful multidisciplinary design practice and ceramic business, co-founding Kalki Ceramics, Studio Kalki, NT Design Studio, and Leather Studio. Her work was featured in the RMB Talent Unlocked exhibition at Circa Gallery in Johannesburg and acquired by the FirstRand art collection. Nindya's unique style was showcased in her debut solo exhibition at KZNSA Gallery in August 2021, and she has participated in prominent group shows globally. She has collaborated with renowned brands like Nando's, Mr Price Home, and Redbull, and has received recognition for her exceptional talent through various awards. In December 2022, she and Nikhil Tricam won the Nandos Hot Young Designer competition and are currently involved in exciting national and international art and design projects.

Phillip Hollander Head of furniture design and manufacturing company Houtlander. I am a maker of things with a passion of exploring the use of timber. I approach the practice of design through a combination of experimentation in the physical form and 3d modelling.

Keneilwe Mothoa, Neimil is a dynamic South African homeware and fashion design brand that draws its inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Africa. Founded in 2018, Neimil is the brainchild of two young South African entrepreneurs who had a vision of creating a brand that would showcase the beauty and diversity of African stories through unique, contemporary designs.

Andrea Kleinloog is the co-founder of Anatomy Design, a much loved brand of timeless South African product design.

Their Lab Light and Awkward Light designs have seen international success, through their partnership with Karakter Copenhagen, which is now also owned by the Cassina Group.

Placing Anatomy Design as the only African designers within the group, with global greats like Patrica Urquiola and  Michael Anasstassiades

Megan Hesse and Andrea Kleinloog forged the bespoke Interior Design wing in 2016, as a separate entity from the established Anatomy Design brand – where Anatomy could focus on product design and development, and Hesse Kleinloog on interior and architectural design.

The Studio has grown into a full scale offering – working on numerous projects in South Africa, Africa and Europe. The key feature of their work, is being able to offer bespoke services and tailored approaches – allowing every project to be unique and thoughtful (and thought-through).


Design Education and Empowerment

Examining the role of design education in empowering individuals and communities.

Ramielle de Jager is a multi-talented entrepreneur, artist, and designer. As the CEO of Wolkberg Casting Studios, an industrial design and manufacturing company, she has led the development of innovative products for various local and international brands for over 15 years. Ramielle's passion for art and design has driven her unconventional path to success in the design industry.

During her time at Cobra, she organised product design competitions, engaging faculties in industrial design and architecture. However, her greatest achievement has been taking a South African entrepreneurial brand and product innovation, Limesite™, to an international audience. This groundbreaking innovation has garnered global attention, particularly in the concrete refining industry.

Ramielle is dedicated to nurturing the design community in South Africa and promoting female representation in the manufacturing environment. Her commitment to both her work and empowering others makes her a true inspiration.


The Future of the Wine Industry

The diverse and inclusive future of SA wine.

Hardy McQueen has worked for over two decades towards building and growing creator communities that resonate around purposeful products. He has given special attention to demystifying and updating notions about the African continent, becoming a subject-matter expert on culture in the process.

This unique understanding of the landscape across the African continent has allowed Hardy to execute projects in Accra, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Lagos, Luanda, Dar Es Salaam and Nairobi.

A chef by trade, Hardy has graduated to project management and consultancy, acting as the Chef/MD of Smorgasbord, Food + Beverage Innovation Consultancy, the founder of canned wine enterprise Nice Beverage Co., Executive Producer of the CyberCellar Wine Show and DEI advisor to both Southern Skies Investment Holdings and

He co-founded multi-layer wine business Good Juice in 2022, which aims to bring Africa to the world by building communities around products that serve to remind us of his key concern: Culture still matters.

Day 3: Saturday 05 August  2023


Soft Skills in the Creative Industry

How to upskill young talent into the Creative industry. For the Youth, by the youth.

Robyn Phillips is a Storyteller and Art Director. She has worked for global advertising agencies such as Ogilvy, M&C Saatchi Abel and Accenture Song. She is currently the Creative Lead and on the board of Touch South Africa, an organisation that aims to upskill young African talent into the creative industry. She has spoken on the TEDxCapeTown stage about the importance of Soft Skills in the creative profession. Robyn has sat on The Loeries Youth Committee, a board of 15 talented creatives under 30 from Africa & the Middle East. Outside of the 9-5, Robyn is Photographer and activist for Queer rights and Mental Health inclusion.

Jabulani Sibiya A brand strategist by profession, water polo coach and creative at heart. A proud African who believes in an open, engaged and solution-orientated society. Passionate about ideas, the youth and making the world a better place. Co-founder and leader of Touch South Africa; a free platform that upskills young creatives.


Food Fight

An investigation into the ways in which one could use food to draw attention to global problems, and hopefully find solutions too. Join the food fight!

Hannerie Visser is the founder of Studio H – a culinary-minded design studio with offices in Cape Town and the Netherlands. Since founding her company in 2013, Hannerie has built a reputation as South Africa’s leading future food designer. Working across industries, Hannerie and her team design creative strategies for brands through trend forecasting, new product development and sensory design. In 2019 Studio H founded FOOD XX Africa, a support network and annual Awards for women in food in Africa. Hannerie is also the Lead Curator for Makers Landing, the V&A Waterfront’s Food Incubator.


Making & Creating Opportunities


Daniel Sher is a Cape Town based, Johannesburg born fashion designer and entrepreneur. He has 13 years of experience in clothing manufacturing and design industry, having joined his wife's family business after completing his articles and qualification as a Chartered Accountant. Daniel's work for his fashion brand Good Good Good is heavily inspired by the people and places of Johannesburg and Cape Town, and his work has a strong reference to his personal lived experiences and his ideas of the world. A key modus operandi of his work is to contribute to the rebuilding and and strengthening of the South African clothing & textile industry. Daniel is also the founder of Duck Duck Goose, a multi-brand store that is home to a curation of independently owned South African fashion and lifestyle brands.

Chloe is a Stylist & Art Director based between Johannesburg and London. Chloe brings people together, using fashion as tool to create conversations around pressing topics that we as communities can believe in. Recent features include DAZED, InStyle Magazine, American Vogue, Hype Beast, Show Studio, GQ Middle East and Carcy Magazine. Chloe won Fashion Stylist of the Year 2021 at the Fashion Industry Awards South Africa.

Kgabo Mametja is a creative whose work can be described as bold, colourful and unapologetic. She studied visual communications at Vega, a branding school that’s based in Johannesburg. It was here where she developed an interest in commercial art and, more specifically, its values around accessibility. This interest was the catalyst that drove her to teach herself how to illustrate. Her career started off in advertising, where she worked as a designer while continuing to hone her skills as an illustrator through personal projects. She took the leap into working for herself in March 2019. This move gave her the opportunity to work with clients like Penguin Random House, Nike, Adidas, Foot Locker, American Express, Duck Duck Goose, and Puma under the moniker, Saint Rose.

Seth Pimentel is an illustrator, painter and experimental visual artist who currently living and working in Johannesburg. Pimentel focuses on pushing the boundaries of contemporary portraiture by merging painting, digital illustration and drawing into a hybrid of experimentation. Continuously developing his style and approach towards addressing themes of identity, mental illness and modern life in the digital age, he uses his practice to highlight his lived experiences in post-colonial South Africa. Pimentel channels all his energy and emotion into newer, bigger bodies of traditional and digital pieces and has collaborated with numerous brands and artists from South Africa and around the world such as Nike, Adidas, Converse, Redbull, SneakerLab, Jameson and Adobe to name a few.




Luke is the co-founder of South African Cape Town design furniture design company Pedersen + Lennard. Luke, together with friend and business partner James, started the company in 2008 in their garage, and have spent the last 15 years building a brand that values craft, design, sustainability, and ethical business practice.

Day 4: Sunday 06 August  2023


3D models representing the social structures of South African architecture schools

Philosophical and structural representations of social structures.

Stephen Steyn holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Pretoria. He is currently a full-time lecturer and programme coordinator in the post-graduate programme in architecture at the Tshwane University of Technology’s Department of Architecture and Industrial Design. He has taught at other institutions in South Africa, including the University of Pretoria, and most notably the University of Johannesburg’s Graduate School of Architecture, where he served as the Unit Leader for Unit 10 (2016-2017) as well as the coordinator of the Theory and History Programme (2017). He has published widely on the topic of social structures, architectural representation, politics and education.


3D Printing and the Future of Design

Marie and Jason will be discussing how 3D printing works, its advantages and limitations, why it is so different from other methods of making, and how it is changing the way we think when we design products, sculptures, and even houses.

Marie Snyman, a trained architect, discovered her passion for 3D printing construction during her postgraduate studies. She holds a BSc in Architecture from the University of Pretoria and a Master's in Architecture from UCT.

Jason Kearney, co-Founder of Drip, pursued a Hons in Civil Engineering at the University of Pretoria. His final year thesis, "Developing Concrete Moulds Using Fused Deposition Modeling," reflects his interest in 3D printing construction.

Together, Marie and Jason spent a year researching the potential of 3D printing in local manufacturing and construction industries. United by a shared vision, they co-founded Drip, a 3D printing company that began by introducing 3D printed ceramics to homes and art studios. Their journey reflects a deep commitment to exploring the possibilities of 3D printing technology.


IQOQO: A case study for multistakeholder partnerships in the creative industries

Multistakeholder partnerships in the creative industries.

Eben Keun is a graduate of the AAA School and Vega – the very first tertiary institute in South Africa to focus exclusively on branding.

Eben is the Chief Brand Architect of Breinstorm Brand Architects (BBA), a branding firm and creative agency that he co-founded in 2000. BBA typically works for higher-purpose projects and clients, often in the creative industries, sustainability, education, or areas of cultural diplomacy.

He is the General Manager of Pendoring, an indigenous language creative award programme and a volunteer for the Friends of the Johannesburg Art Gallery.

Eben has led the Sustainable Design Award since 2009 and is currently heading a multi-year project for IFAS and the French Embassy in SA called IQOQO that aims to grow the South African Cultural and Creative industries. He has worked on numerous projects with a global impact, including the South African Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, a project for the EU/GIZ in Lesotho, projects for the South African and Gauteng Provincial Governments in South Korea and Singapore, as well as the South African Reserve Bank in Berlin. He frequently consults to universities and multinational companies.


Soft Futures

Soft Futures delves into ways of thinking softness in how we work, seeking out ways to shift and rethink our relationships to capitalist work and productivity landscapes, to soften the edges of our work, to think and make and approach our work with softness, generosity, empathy and care. As a core value of softwork studio, we seek a curious, collaborative and exploratory attitude toward design. Working from a place of inbetweenness, we think about the soft skills and ideas that are needed to adapt and shape shift in a rapidly changing world.

Naadira Patel is an artist, designer and educator who has worked across the fields of art, architecture, design, and cultural programming. She currently leads softwork, a research and design studio based in Johannesburg, working within an ecosystem of feminist organisations, artists and a broad range of cultural institutions. With an MA in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam and a BA Fine Arts from the Wits School of Arts, her practice moves across the fields of art, design and architecture, thinking critically on the role of design and spatial practice in shaping the world we want to live in.