100% Design Africa is a dynamic platform celebrating the pulse of African design. 

100% Design Africa is a dynamic platform celebrating the pulse of African design. Renowned as Africa's premier international design showcase, 

Renowned as Africa's premier international design showcase, it's the ideal springboard for the continent's designers to shine on a global stage. This hybrid event unites the interior design industry's key players, presenting a curated mix of contemporary African designs. The show spans an array of domains, from furniture and product design to technology and art.

At the heart of 100% Design Africa is its innovative 'phygital' approach, seamlessly blending physical exhibition spaces with digital storytelling. This fusion not only amplifies the reach of exhibitors but also opens up novel and engaging ways to experience African creativity. The event is a magnet for thousands of international buyers, making it the most influential and significant design show across the continent. Join us in celebrating the creativity, diversity, and forward-thinking design that Africa has to offer.


Our ethos is rooted in a passion for the exceptional. Our collaboratively curated feature stands are a testament to our relentless pursuit of what's new and groundbreaking. We go beyond the ephemeral impact of social media to create product launches and spaces that engage audiences deeply and meaningfully. Embracing change as a catalyst for creativity, we are partnering with Decorex Joburg to craft an unparalleled experience for 2024, setting new benchmarks in the realm of design exhibitions.

Our annual events and collaborations are a crucible for pushing the boundaries of design thinking. Leveraging our extensive industry networks, we ensure each feature is meticulously curated by top local designers, translating the latest trends into awe-inspiring realities.

Proudly standing as the definitive beacon of contemporary design in Africa, 100% Design Africa is the convergence point for industry leaders and decision-makers. It's where brands are launched, trends are set, and the future of design is shaped. Here, the pulse of African creativity meets the rhythm of global innovation.

Expertly curated

At the heart of what we do are our carefully curated collaborative feature stands, which exemplify what we strive for: to always seek what’s new. We aim to drive these exciting product launches and forge spaces that engage an audience in a way that’s far more meaningful than an Instagram post. We love change and all that it brings, which is why, together with Decorex Joburg, we will create a 2024 experience that’s unlike any other.

Quality environment

Time is a luxury and nothing embodies that more than the quality of an item. Each and every design on display at 100% Design Africa has been chosen because it represents not only innovative design but also because it meets our high standards for quality. Each year, our events and collaborations push the envelope of design thinking. Thanks to our close connections within the industry, we’re able to ensure that each feature is carefully curated by top local designers who bring the latest trends to life in spectacular fashion. 

Destination for decision makers

We pride ourselves on being the definitive showcase of contemporary design on the African continent. More than just that, we’re a nexus for industry powerhouses: those who make the decisions that matter, launch brands, and define the future of design. We serve as a bridge between African design and the global stage, with thousands of buyers coming from France, Hong Kong, the United States, and more. 

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In a world overwhelmed by the need for sustainable solutions, we stand at a crossroads where our creative talents can significantly impact the future of our planet. It's time we channel our ingenuity beyond the realms of conventional home furnishings—beyond another chair, couch, or sideboard—towards a cause that can alter the course of environmental conservation in South Africa: a recycling bin.

We invite you to design, or commission the design of a recycling bin that is not only functional, but also a visually appealing piece of art that homeowners are proud to display.



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