100% Design Africa is far more than just an exhibition. As Africa’s only international design show, 100% Design Africa is the launchpad that the industry needs to enter onto the global stage. Through the spirit of exchange, this hybrid trade event brings key members of the interior industry together, showcasing all manner of contemporary designs from across the continent – from furniture and product design to specialised areas like art, literature, and crafts.

As a phygital platform, 100% Design Africa combines the power of physical exhibition space and events, with the power of digital storytelling, enabling innovative ideas to be showcased in new and exciting ways. With thousands of buyers coming to the events from around the world, this is Africa’s most important design show.

The objective of the program is to create a set of networking opportunities and a toolkit for action. Amongst other topics, we will cover circularity, the business of design, material futures, NFTs, architectural innovation and creativity in general.

The curated line-up will sort the signal from the noise in order to accelerate positive change.

Dates: 22 – 25 June 2023

Location: Future Talks Theatre at Decorex Cape Town - CTICC

Entry is free to anyone with a Decorex Cape Town ticket

Design Cape Town/ 100% Design Africa - The Future of Design exhibition, presented by Sanlam Private Wealth.

This exhibition showcases some of the most cutting-edge design concepts, including advanced technology, sustainable design, and experiential design.  Design plays an important role in shaping our world. As technology advances and our understanding of sustainability and social responsibility evolves, design will need to adapt and innovate to meet these new challenges. 

Join us as we fetch the future.

Mami Wata Surf Look book shot by Pieter Hugo

The State of the Industry Report

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so Decorex has commissioned a report that outlines the current business climate by combining insights from key industry stakeholders and macro trend analysis. This is the state of our industry, and no one can shape its future but us. 

2022 edition  JRNL cover

JRNL Digital Magazine is now LIVE.

Our job is to be the pulse of the decor and design economy and to create opportunities for businesses and creatives to thrive. It’s to showcase the latest developments in design to you, our visitor. That’s why we’ve just launched the JRNL, the design directory you’ve been waiting for. 

Expertly curated

At the heart of what we do are our carefully curated collaborative feature stands, which exemplify what we strive for: to always seek what’s new. We aim to drive these exciting product launches and forge spaces that engage an audience in a way that’s far more meaningful than an Instagram post. We love change and all that it brings, which is why, together with Decorex Joburg, we will create a 2022 experience that’s unlike any other.

Quality environment

Time is a luxury and nothing embodies that more than the quality of an item. Each and every design on display at 100% Design Africa has been chosen because it represents not only innovative design but also because it meets our high standards for quality. Each year, our events and collaborations push the envelope of design thinking. Thanks to our close connections within the industry, we’re able to ensure that each feature is carefully curated by top local designers who bring the latest trends to life in spectacular fashion. 

Destination for decision makers

We pride ourselves on being the definitive showcase of contemporary design on the African continent. More than just that, we’re a nexus for industry powerhouses: those who make the decisions that matter, launch brands, and define the future of design. We serve as a bridge between African design and the global stage, with thousands of buyers coming from France, Hong Kong, the United States, and more. 


Alongside Decorex Africa, 100% Design Africa introduce the Journal a platform for storytelling, which serves as an educational, information hub for the decor and design industry.

Decor and Design Insights

The Age of Re-making



22 - 25 June 2023


03 - 06 August 2023

Sandton Convention Centre

03 - 06 August 2023

Sandton Convention Centre

03 - 06 August 2023

Sandton Convention Centre


Mask wearing and presentation of vaccine certificates or negative COVID-19 tests are no longer mandatory to enter a venue in South Africa.  We leave these decisions to the individual attendee, but strongly encourage vulnerable people and those with underlying medical conditions to take appropriate health precautions