100% Design South Africa is carefully curated to ensure your brand and products are in good company. A strict vetting process by industry experts brings together an exciting mix of designers catering for both the residential and hospitality industries.

We are always on the lookout for new, never-seen-before products and ideas in the following categories, as well as old concepts used in new ways:

Interior Design
Interior design, room sets and decor for residential, hospitality and workspace

Furniture & Product Design
Furniture, ceramics, glassware, soft furnishings, linen, print art and artisanal design

Surfaces & Materials
Flooring, surfaces and wall panels

Office interior design, office furniture including boardroom, reception, and pause room, spatial systems, storage solutions, screens, stationary, desk top accessories, contemporary planters for commercial use, technology and acoustic control

Lighting fixtures, lamps and lighting systems

Art and Photography

Artworks, sculptures, prints and photography for the residential, corporate and hospitality industries.